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    Founded in 2006, BERYL-MART sees its headquarter in Luohu district, Shenzhen city, Guangdong province. The group embraces diversified businesses, among which the main business is the high-end house and home commercial real estate operation, including four core business sectors of business, culture innovation, science and technology, as well as investment. As a comprehensive group of modern service industry, our company provides qualified whole chain products and services, lies the foundation on high-end home building materials chain business, takes house and home culture innovation as well as technology development as the driving engine, and embraces core advantages of industrial carrier investment and space operation.
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    Business Introduction
    BERYL-MART Business BERYL-MART Business
    BERYL-MART Business
    Our group remains committed to providing healthy, fashionable, environmentally friendly and qualified home building materials products and lifestyle to the high-end elite class who pursue quality of life, thus to create a city's home art.
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    cooperation should be taken with profound beauty,
    as a drop of water could arouse beautiful spray only with the efforts of other drops.
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    talent is the foundation of enterprise, and we are ready to provide you with an excellent development platform. Looking forward to working with you to create a better future together!
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